Will have to pay several times more for a half-naked look in Venice

The authorities of Venice repeatedly expressed their opinion on the inappropriateness of the appearance of tourists and residents of the city on its streets in an unseemly half-naked way. Previously, the fine was now decided to double, so this way to fight for urban morality. If earlier so called a grief-tourist could have avoided problems with the authorities for only a couple of hundred Euros, but now this amount is doubled. The same refers to vandals as well, who paint monuments, houses or throw garbage past the urns. For  those who love splashing in waters of fountains and canals of Venice, the amount of the fine is now almost 500 Euros. But even recently, you could manage to pay 10 times less.

The inappropriate behavior of tourists and residents of the city is so disagreeable with the authorities, that in their plans for the near future, there is the launch of a project that aims to bring fines and avoid such behavior to vacationers. All the feats of the trouble tourists will be criticized in public and social networks, and the city will be full of posters with their faces. Each billboard and entry in the social network will be translated into 10 languages, and under each will be a set of 12 rules that should not be violated, in order not to find oneself on them.