Teletrade, reviews about a broker that will make you richer

On the way to achieve high goals, you have to stumble several times. This applies to any activity, and forex trading is no exception. Many traders face the situation when it is necessary to again choose a broker because the previous one did not justify the trust. So it happened to me: I have been engaged in trade since 2009.


While I was inexperienced and poured out my bills, each of my brokers was good. However, only I started to make a profit; they started playing against me. Soon I went to TeleTrade, feedback from employees and clients about which I came across many times, and decided to learn more about it. Reviews on Teletrade I found on many resources and almost every comment was positive.


After collecting all the available information about TeleTrade, I took a chance and did not lose it. Now I will tell you more about this company since Teletrade is one of the most reliable brokers on the market. More information can be found by visiting the TeleTrade official website.

Company Teletrade

What is Teletrade? Reviews of the company


Teletrade is a group of broker companies that are located in different parts of the world, beginning with Teletrade Ukraine, ending Teletrade Grenadines. Branches are not the same legal entity, but in fact – it’s one company, and Teletrade bears for all the equal responsibility. Also, if there is a crisis somewhere, foreign colleagues will come to the aid of the regional branch. That is, TeleTrade has a safety net in other countries, which creates a more confidential attitude to the company.


Teletrade is:

Opening 1994
Representative offices Over two hundred offices in 30 states
Regulators The Commission regulating the relations of participants fin. markets, FCA, CYSECH National Bank R. Belarus, Association of Forex Dealers
Terminals МТ 4, МТ 4 MultiTerminal, MT 5
Finance products CFD / stocks, CFD / indices, CFD / futures, CFD / oil, CFD / metals and Forex pairs
Ways of payment Transfer through the bank; Pay / Online; WebMoney; Visa / MC; The Latvian bank; etc
Min. balance from $2000
Shoulder of  Broker from 1:100
Spread Starting from 3 points.
NDD Accounts present
Jur. addresses CC Teletrade: Russia, Belarus, China (Hong Kong), Cyprus, United Arab Emirates (Fujairah), S. Vincent
Features The best enterprise in Europe in the financial sphere,” “The best broker for beginners traders,” “The most reliable broker Forex 2016, etc.
Banks-partners Mashreq Bank, J. Safra Sarasin Zürich, ING
Liquidity provider for Forex TT-DJ Int. Consulting Ltd. Registration in Cyprus (CIF) No HE272810, Individuals. CySEC No 158/11.
Additional Information Technical support 24/7, strategy – synchronous, trade, TE TV, analytics from DJ, SMS notification.


TT is one of the top three prestigious Forex brokers with an extensive partner system in the CIS. Teletrade has been operating on the stock exchange for 23 years, which other brokerage companies can not boast. The company’s partners are engaged in training and consulting on TeleTrade. Staff feedback is mostly positive. Teletrade is the first in Russia to receive the right to operate a broker from the Central Bank, as Teletrade, the official website, says.


Technical support of TeleTrade, feedback from employees and customers are only positive.


Detailed information about the company can be obtained by visiting the “Teletrade official website”. There are answers to all questions about Teletrade, employee feedback, and also to receive information about the training courses of the broker.

Reviews of Teletrade

Reviews of Teletrade indicate that TT provides the highest level of service and is one of the most reliable brokers in Ukraine with offices located in many cities of the country. Teletrade is a broker providing the following services:

– online trading on the stock exchange;

– advising clients on financial markets;

– training of the trader’s profession;

– Teletrade financial markets analyst;

– informing customers about recent events.


The Teletrade Economic Calendar is a calendar of all the nearest events.


Teletrade: analytics and news


Reviews about Teletrade say that the analyst is notable for accuracy and a good prognostic function. They say that the analyst of the broker is useful because with its help you can know important events. Thus, in Teletrade analyst is an indispensable service when trading in foreign exchange markets.


Another useful service of the company is Teletrade news, prepared by a team of professional journalists. Teletrade news covers all the major political, economic and financial events in the world. Teletrade news will be a great help for traders in making important trading decisions.

Teletrade economic calendar


Economic calendar of Teletrade is a calendar of the most recent and relevant events from the world of financial markets that affect the movement of prices on Forex. The calendar is an important tool and allows traders to trade with the most efficiency on the news.


Reputation Teletrade


The first thing to look for when choosing a brokerage company is its reputation. If once the company deceived the client, then she will do it again. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the decisions of regulators and courts. Having studied the question of what Teletrade is, feedback from employees and partners about Teletrade, vacancies, it becomes clear that licenses and fines are not about them! During the time of work on the reputation of this broker, there is not a single spot, but it’s worth a lot!


Reasonable Teletrade Spreads


A spread is a commission that is collected by a broker or a bank. Practice shows that in the most reliable banks – high commissions, and in risky – low. The fee in Teletrade is acceptable: for example, on a EUR / USD pair, it is three points. Information about Teletrade, employee feedback, confirm that the company has excellent conditions.
Teletrade, Reviews of the company

The ways of partnership with Teletrade


Option 1: standard. You need to open an account (online, or in any client office), download a special program MetaTrader 4, which allows you to enter the stock exchange. But with insufficient training and experience, you can lose your money. Therefore, for the inexperienced, special Teletrade training is offered, employee feedback about which indicates that it is one of the best.


Option 2: invest in Master Invest. What is it like? The company

Teletrade allows you to choose any trader whose deals are the most profitable. Then all the transactions that he will make will be copied to the client. Thus, all successful trades of a professional trader will bring you profit, and for this, the trader will take a small percentage.

What can Teletrade be proud of?


In 2013, the Cyprus crisis occurred, as a result of which the largest bank, Bank of Cyprus, went bankrupt. At that time, the bank had more than $ 1 million, which belonged to Teletrade customers. In Bank of Cyprus, there was an insurance deposit and the statutory fund of the broker, but all the money that was there was burnt out. Then the company Teletrade decided to pay damages, returning each of the funds in full.


After that, this happened again in two Baltic banks. Then the Teletrade management decided not to risk their money and customers’ money. From now on their capital is stored only in the most reliable banks.


Work in Teletrade. Careers


The company Teletrade, whose vacancies are located in the network, always needs competent traders, highly qualified journalists, financial experts and other employees of various specialties. The fact is that in Teletrade vacancies can always be found, as the company is pleased to replenish its staff with new people with fresh ideas that will develop the company. In addition, Teletrade, whose vacancies are always available, positively proved itself in the labor market of Ukraine, as its employees receive decent salaries and are provided with excellent working conditions.


Teletrade: reviews


Before starting cooperation with the broker, you need to understand what Teletrade is, feedback from employees and customers, visit independent forums and find out more information about Teletrade. Feedback from employees, partners and customers is not the main thing, but they play a significant role, creating a reputation and a general impression of the broker.


At the exchange, Teletrade plays one of the key roles, as the company offers every customer its latest technology and methods of trade, pleasant service and excellent service, and this creates an excellent opportunity for earning.