Revolutionary development of scientists: surgical glue

Not only surgeons know how difficult it could be to sew a patient. Fine surgical work is not always possible, such as on the battlefield or after a natural disaster. Scientists from Harvard have developed a unique composition that glues almost all surfaces, but the main thing is that even if the surface is moist, it will glue it just as well. Based on this compound, a glue was developed for surgeons, which eliminates the need to sew patients. Now they can be simply glued.

Not only scientists need to be thanked by the world for this discovery. The basis for the product was a substance produced by one land slug that lives in the center and west of Europe. Thanks to this, a slug sticks to any surface, in order to hide from danger. This substance has undergone a detailed study, so the scientists have developed its artificial version. Now you can glue even the heart muscle, and most importantly,  the experiments show the absence of any negative reaction to the substance. Concerns about necrosis also did not come true, so physicians rejoice.