The most punctual airlines in the world

Day after day, thousands of airplanes plow the airspace, so to speak, this could be a holiday flight, a trip to relatives, or  for business and so on. However, frequent flight delays  and late arrivals of airplanes can affect various life circumstances.

Investigations by rating agencies were carried out, where the airlines, which did not deviate much in aircraft departure and arriving time were identified during a month.

According to this rating the most accurate airport is in Paris and named Beauvais-Till. About 96% of all flights are made on time.

The second punctual airport is Tokushima, which is located in Japan, in the city of Tokushima. Its accuracy is estimated at 91.5%.The third is Kochi Ryoma Airport, which is also located in Japan (91.4% punctuality).  The next ones are the airports of England (91.4%), Germany (Dortmund Airport -90%).

Knowing about the airports, that are distinguished by their accuracy in departures and arrivals will help to avoid many problems in business and personal life.