A new line of sneakers from The Weeknd

Teletrade opiniones

The singer of the Weeknd continues to work fruitfully with the world-famous Puma brand. Last year, the sneaker line brought him popularity and now he decided to create another model – Puma Parallel sneakers, made on the principle of unisex.

At the moment it is planned to present sneakers in 2 colors: white and olive. Very soon, models will come in all the shops of Puma.

According to preliminary data, the cost for 1 pair of shoes is 220 dollars.

According to the singer, the main task for him was to create shoes that would be both comfortable and beautiful, as well as affordable for a wide consumer. That is why it was decided to dwell on this particular model style.

At the same time, the singer does not plan to stop at this and is going to release a whole street casual clothing line very soon, which will include T-shirts, trousers and jackets.

Therefore, everyone will be able to form their own style and image, due to the clothing of this brand.