In Italy, a good act became a victim of self-interest

In Italy, a squad of volunteers was formed, who were ready to extinguish fires in the country and receive bonuses for it. It looked like a good deed, which deserved honor.

After a while, police officers in Sicily began to investigate the fact of frequent and large-scale arson. It turned out that those volunteers deliberately arranged and extinguished powerful forest fires.

Law enforcement authorities have not yet seen such anomalous “hot” summer in Italy for all of their lives, when the departure of fire fighters began to increase three or more times more often than before. Volunteers firefighters would receive 10 Euros for overtime, so fires were so strong that they could be extinguished  them,  spending a lot of time. They first secretly set fire to the territory, and were waiting for the call, putting out the fire, returning home, like decent citizens who had done a good deed. The police detained the leader of the brigade and all those who participated in this act. Now they are placed under house arrest, because they endangered  many people, territorial plantations and buildings, for which they are awaiting trial in the near future.