Explosion in the restaurant of Albania: there are victims

Albania has recently been popular with tourists from all over the world – here you can afford a cheap and high-quality rest.

July 28, in the village of Velpoye, on the first floor of the restaurant, there was an explosion of a gas cylinder. It happened in the daytime, just when there were few people in the restaurant. The restaurant itself is located on the coastal zone, in the tourist center.

In total, there were 20-30 injured, most of the people got off with fright and light injuries. Only five passengers were recorded with serious injuries, all the victims were immediately hospitalized in a local hospital.

All residents of the hotel and the surrounding houses were evacuated until the rescuers managed to extinguish the fire. The fire had been extinguished only by the evening, as the fire spread very quickly. The rescuers were able to cope with the fire only with the help of volunteers, local residents, who helped to extinguish the fire for several hours. The hotel itself has suffered severely, and now needs repair.